What Sets Us Apart

Your Smile: Our Passion!

At Hanachi Orthodontics, we love creating healthy, beautiful, lasting smiles. More importantly, we love making our patients smile and laugh while we transform their oral health, strengthen their self-confidence, and make positive changes in their lives.

Dr. Farid Hanachi and our team know the difference having straight teeth will make in your life. We understand that your smile is a physical and emotional strength. When you’re uncomfortable with misaligned teeth, you tend to be reserved in social settings; you hide your smile and worry about what others think.

After orthodontic treatment, you will have proper alignment and an amazing smile that’s healthy and attractive. You’ll no longer be ashamed to show your teeth; instead, you’ll smile and laugh without giving it a second thought.

We love helping people transform their lives by changing their smile. We’d love help you, too!

A Happy Office

We’ve created a positive space where you’ll receive great care. Our rooms are colorful and inviting, and our office is cheery, because they reflect the personalities of Dr. Hanachi and our team. You’ll hear a lot of laughter here, from your fellow patients and our staff. We’re always sharing stories of adventures and plans for the future, swapping jokes, and having fun.

We believe in delivering the highest level of care, from the latest technology and treatments to customer service that exceeds your expectations. We allot plenty of time for each visit, so you can ask questions and Dr. Hanachi and our team can fully respond.

For your convenience, we have early morning appointments one day a week so you can come in before school or work. Additionally, we maintain an emergency phone line, should you experience any issues while the office is closed. You can also contact Dr. Hanachi directly.

Confident, Beautiful Smiles at Any Age

Many people think orthodontic care is only available for children and teens. That’s simply not true. Today’s treatments provide an array of options for adults who are concerned about others knowing they’re straightening their teeth.

From clear braces to clear aligners, we can gently, virtually, and invisibly create your new smile, with no one being the wiser!

No matter what your age, we believe you deserve an amazing smile, and we’d would love to help you develop one.

Schedule a Complimentary Orthodontic Consultation

Dr. Hanachi believes it’s essential that you understand your treatment options before committing to care. That’s why we offer complimentary consultations at our Gastonia and Mooresville, NC orthodontic offices.

Come in, meet Dr. Hanachi and our team, receive a free exam, and learn about the options available to make your dream smile a reality. Please call and schedule your consultation today!

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Complimentary Consultation