The Benefits of Clear Aligners

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There’s never been a better time to seek treatment for teeth alignment issues. More people have the option to choose removable clear aligners over traditional metal-and-bracket braces, and it makes sense to choose aligners when you know the benefits.

The alignment of your teeth is more than just a cosmetic issue. It’s important for both eating and speech that the teeth of your upper and lower jaws work together supportively. 

Crowded and crooked teeth also lead to difficulties with dental hygiene. Flossing and brushing can be more difficult and less efficient, creating more potential for issues like gum disease, tooth decay, cavities, and tooth loss. 

Braces are perhaps the most versatile system for correcting a wide range of individual needs for the population, but most people don’t require the extremes that braces provide. For most mild to moderate teeth alignment needs, clear aligners are more than capable of matching the results that braces deliver, and the removable series of aligner trays come with a range of benefits.

At Hanachi Orthodontics in Gastonia and Mooresville, North Carolina, we proudly offer Spark™ clear aligners, representing an advance in materials over first-generation aligners. You gain all the benefits of a clear tray system along with the latest advances in polymer technology. 

When you have the facts, you’ll see the advantages of choosing Spark when your alignment condition suits the use of clear aligners. 

The benefits of clear aligners

Clear aligners have always carried advantages over other alignment systems, and Spark aligners step up the game even more, improving upon an already great method. Here are some of the key benefits clear aligners offer you.

Virtual invisibility

Using clear polymer technology, aligners are the most discreet and invisible way to alter the alignment of your teeth. Not everyone minds the look of metal braces, but if it’s not for you, check out Spark aligners. Using TruGEN™ polymers, Spark provides the clearest aligner trays on the market. 


Unlike braces, which are cemented in place, clear aligners snap out when you’re eating and cleaning your teeth. While successful treatment requires 20 to 22 hours of wear time daily, you have the option to remove them for special occasions. 

No diet restrictions

You’re eating with your own teeth with your aligner trays removed, and there’s no need to switch to a soft food diet or to avoid crunchy foods that might loosen your braces, creating an orthodontic emergency. 

Brush and floss as usual

When you opt for clear aligners, there’s no added stress or difficulty working around brackets and wires when it comes to cleaning your teeth. Your aligner trays can come out until your teeth are sparkling and your breath is fresh. 

Comfort and convenience

Compared with the leading clear aligner, Spark is more comfortable. Edges are polished and scalloped, providing a boosted level of comfort. 

Stain resistant

An exclusive benefit for Spark aligners is their increased resistance to staining. There’s no need to remove your trays when you’re drinking unsweetened coffee or tea as long as you’re rinsing regularly with water. Aligner trays discolor faster than tooth enamel, and with some aligner products, staining happens fast. TruGEN is the exception. Your Spark trays resist staining better than the top-selling clear aligner. 

Believe it or not, this is just the beginning of a list of benefits you can expect with clear aligners. Learn more about Spark aligners with a visit to Hanachi Orthodontics. You can contact the nearest office by phone or through the appointment request link on this page. Book your consultation now.